Program Engagement

Engagement rates of individuals into our condition management programs are 4 - 5 times higher than the national average.

Reduced Risk

48% of participants in our personal health assessment at moderate to very high risk of developing cardiovascular disease reduced their risk. 33% reduced their risk by a full category.

Lowered Blood Pressure

97% of participants in our hypertension management program lowered their blood pressure by at least 5% or kept it under control.

Lowered Blood Glucose

91% of participants in our diabetes management program lowered their blood glucose values or kept them under control using proven techniques from their condition managers.

Managed Symptoms

75% of people with clinically significant symptoms (moderate, moderately severe and severe depression) showed mild (56%) or no (44%) symptoms at program completion.

Improved Medication Compliance

Over 83% of participants in condition management programs reduced their average missed medication days during their program.

Increased Exercise

There has been a 79% increase in the number of participants in our condition management programs who meet the exercise standard of 150 minutes per week. Those not exercising at the start of their program ended averaging 113 minutes per week.

Lost Weight

70% of participants in our health weight condition management program lost weigh during the program. Participants lost 7.8 pounds on average.

Recommend our Programs

99% of individuals who participated in our personal health assessment and condition management programs say they would recommend our programs to others.