What's the Hype?

"Robin was a professional coach, very patient, encouraging and caring, a good listener. When I have questions, she always tried to help: found some most updated reference materials sent to me, talk to and arrange other professionals to help me. It was my first time to have a professional coach me about my health condition. Now I clearly know what kind of food I should eat, how important my healthy eating plate is, and what kind of exercises fits me."

"Tina was my coach for the condition management program Depression coaching and self management. She helped me talk about losing a loved one and helped me to get through some of the symptoms that I was really struggling with."

“Ging was my coach for a wellness program and helped me set goals and see my progress during a difficult time. It helped me focus on the things I could control.”

"Ging helped me through the process of receiving a life changing diagnosis and was there every step of the way. She helped me navigate through making lifestyle changes to benefit my future. Her positivity and encouragement made a huge difference and I am grateful for the experience with her! Ging helped me navigate a difficult process and answered any questions I had. She was a great advocate and I would definitely recommend her to someone going through a similar situation!"

“At the end of my biometric screening, Sam reviewed the results and provided advice for lowering my cholesterol and encouraged me to set a new fitness goal. He was very professional and efficient. Based on this experience, I will encourage others to get their biometric screening done!”

"Joseph helped me with nutrition choices. He gave me needed information that will help for the rest of my life. Thank you, Joseph!"

“Catherine changed my life. Through the Well-U program she provided me with SPECIFIC nutritional information that I have not heard anywhere else. Today, so much of the nutritional information presented is generic and I find it difficult to apply this knowledge to MY lifestyle. Catherine reviewed my lifestyle and explained the areas that needed attention and suggested alternative ways eat healthy while not making it something that would be painful or hard to sustain.”

“Katie was my wellness session coach for my chronic lower back pain. She provided great recommendations for strength conditioning and stretching exercises that were very applicable to my lifestyle. They have made a huge difference for me. Katie always followed through with me, showed high interest in my well being and was a pleasure to speak with on a regular basis during our sessions. Katie's recommendations and follow through have put me on a good path towards a much improved lifestyle.”

"Everybody was so nice throughout the process. Dorothy was the nurse who attended me and she was great! Talk about getting the right person at the right time. Also, I'm very grateful for the programs Well-U offers its employees. They are really great and beneficial."

"Ging helped me with Condition Management and staying healthy. During challenging Covid 19, she helped me cope with onset asthma and overall wellness (nutrition & exercise). Was able to loose 10 pounds. Her guidance and knowledge was very much appreciated."