What's the Hype?

“Ging is amazing. A pleasure to work with, supportive and motivating. She has been extremely helpful helping me reach my health goals.”

“Robin Walpert was very informative and personable. The changes she suggested were easy to make.”

"The phone calls with Tina! She’s such an encourager and she made me feel I could take small steps in the right direction. She made me feel successful."

“Mitchell made me really focus on my goals, but equally remind me to not take on too much so that I wasn't successful.”

"I want to thank Mrs. Silber. She was very compassionate and had lots of recommendations for my change in life that I didn't even realize. Awesome job!!!!"

"Everybody was so nice throughout the process. Dorothy was the nurse who attended me and she was great! Talk about getting the right person at the right time. Also, I'm very grateful for the programs Well-U offers its employees. They are really great and beneficial."

"Linde, my RN was super helpful in my screening making suggestions as well as listening to my concerns."

"Joe (nurse) was fantastic and friendly. He took time to explain results and reflected back to past biometric appointments. He was patient focused in his recommendations. Always a great experience with URMC staff and the free service is much appreciated."

"Both times I had my biometric screenings the women were very knowledgeable in ALL problems that I was eligible to sign up for. They were also very clear in explaining the areas that could use improvement. The incentive is the only reason I went to the first biometric screening. After finding out all the information the biometric screening could give me is what made me sign up for my second biometric screening (the one I am taking this survey for now); not just the incentive that is given."

"It is a well thought out program. Special Kudos to the RN Christopher Foote who was my RN for this screening. He was calm, professional, and explained everything very well without being preachy. He is a great asset to your program."