The Wellness Program from UR Medicine utilizes three key and distinguishing components to deliver high employee engagement and ongoing success—for individuals, as well as the organizations where they work. Our services are even covered by some health insurance plans.

Personal Health Assessment

While other programs begin and end with biometric screening values, we go beyond to optimize the opportunity for real-time coaching.

  • Our screenings use point-of-care testing done by our registered nurses—whether onsite or offsite, with year-round access to public clinics to serve ongoing needs.
  • Our RNs can answer questions, address concerns, and assure an accurate understanding of values.
  • They can immediately begin coaching to improve health and wellbeing—and make referrals to appropriate programs. All right at the time of screening.

Wellness Portal

Once they’ve completed their personal health assessment, employees can unlock a wealth of information through their personalized wellness portal.

  • In addition to their biometric screening values, the portal provides access to year-over-year results, videos, tip sheets, and other content recommended for their individual situation.
  • Integrated with your health system and resources, this portal can act as your organization’s health intranet. We can even “reskin” it to your visual standards—all made easy and seamless for employees and you.

Condition and Lifestyle Management

No need to source another vendor: our program includes coaching to help employees manage chronic conditions and reduce health risk.

  • Using a multidisciplinary team—including registered nurses, certified wellness coaches, fitness specialists, and nutritionists—we help employees identify and meet their goals for chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, and more.
  • Our coaching can help them make positive changes when it comes to lifestyle changes such as stress reduction, weight loss, and nutrition.

Group Programs

Our interactive and engaging group programs will give your employees the education, support and accountability they need to make lifestyle changes that last!

12 weeks

This group weight loss program goes beyond the “what” “why” and “how” of weight loss. Sessions help participants gain personal insight about weight management and focus on a mindful approach to nutrition, activity, and behavior change. These dynamic, interactive sessions help individuals find the key to their own success. Recommended for those with a BMI greater than 30.

4 weeks

Our stress reduction program provides interventions and self-management strategies and techniques to reduce stress, increase mindfulness, and promote mind-body integration. Participants explore why they feel stress, what triggers their stress, and what to do in real time to alleviate that stress.

Sessions incorporate practical stress reduction techniques including mindfulness and meditation, and will empower participants to confront the stress in their own lives.

4 weeks

Learn to prevent common back pain, reduce back discomfort, and minimize risk for back injury. Interactive group sessions demonstrate proper techniques for bending, lifting, squatting and stretching.

6 weeks

Designed to help participants refocus their intention for their health or take the first step toward a more balanced self. A blend of goal setting, education and group talk, this series takes a fresh approach to traditional topics like movement, sleep, nutrition and emotional wellbeing to help re-ignite passion for wellness.

Participants will learn how to build healthy habits, self-motivate, and develop self-compassion and resilience as they embark on a meaningful wellness journey.

8 weeks

Modern life is busy and chaotic in ways we’ve not anticipated or experienced before. We're stretched to our limits, tired, weary, and seeking respite. These drop-in wellness sessions offer the opportunity to rest your body and soul and explore fresh ways to renew your energy and restore your mind.

Flu and Travel Vaccinations

Medications and immunizations often require several doses prior to travel, so as soon as our employees know their travel destinations, have them make an appointment with us.

  • On-site group services, including flu clinics
  • Customized, destination-specific travel health consultations
  • Full stock of immunizations, including travel-related
  • State-certified yellow fever vaccine provider
  • Malaria prevention
  • Specialty travel health products