Meet Our Coaches

Learn more about some of the passionate, experienced clinicians who coach in our programs.

Ging and a friend standing in front of a bend in the Grand Canyon.

Ging Hoang, BS, RN

Ging (pronounce “Jing”) received her Bachelor’s in Integrative Neuroscience in addition to Nursing at Binghamton University. She’s worked in emergency, cardiology, and orthopedics before she came to work for UR Medicine’s Employee Wellness program. When Ging is not working, she likes to travel, take walks, bike, and try out healthy (and unhealthy!) recipes. She loves to take the Body Pump class at the gym!

Wellness tip: Set aside at least 15 minutes once a week to do something for yourself. Go for a walk, shop online, read, meditate, clean, whatever it is- it has to be something for yourself that you enjoy. Self-care is healthy, necessary, and important!

Collage of Deanna Sledding, preparing for a ropes course and driving with her husband

Deanna McLymond, BS, RN

Deanna has been in the wellness industry for over 15 years. Deanna has a consistent innate drive to help others transform and maintain their health and wellness. Her professional tract has given her considerable experience in working with a variety of clients; ranging from individuals with chronic illnesses to professional athletes. She focuses on individuality and brings creativity and excitement to her style of coaching.

Deanna loves to stay active, she enjoys walking her dog, strength training, running, biking, hiking, snowboarding, whitewater rafting, and “HGTV’ing” --- essentially anything that involves moving. When she isn’t on the move, she loves spending time with family and friends, attending concerts, traveling and sampling craft beers.

Wellness tip: Be kind to your body, and to yourself. Lead a healthful, happy and heartfelt life.

Linde and her husband standing in front of a waterfall

Linde Mull, RN

Linde is a Registered Nurse at UR Medicine Employee Wellness. She has experience in Burn/Trauma Nursing as well as several years as an Infusion Nurse at Wilmot Cancer Center and Pluta Cancer Center. When not working, she enjoys being active outdoors, hiking, kayaking/SUP, golf, tennis, snowboarding, and yoga. Spending time actively and ideally outdoors is an important aspect of life with her large blended family, including her husband and their combined 6 children ranging in age from 6-17.

Wellness tip: Promise yourself to start something. Begin small- a 5 minute walk, a bike ride around the block, or a quick plank. Chances are, once you're out there you'll keep going, and if not that is okay, too! We are all busy with 'life,' and the last thing anyone needs is to feel guilty for not doing enough. Fitting in just a little something is better than not, and it builds momentum and helps form the habit!

Katie kayaking in Hemlock Lake.

Katie Niebuhr, MS, EP-C, C-PT

Katie is an exercise physiologist for UR Medicine Employee Wellness where she provides personalized recommendations and exercise prescriptions for those with chronic conditions. Katie received her Masters of Science in Kinesiology & Health from Miami University in Ohio. She has worked with everyone from first time exercisers to endurance athletes to help them achieve their goals and live healthier lifestyles. Katie’s passion lies in the impact physical activity has on the body and mind, as well as its influence on other healthy behaviors. When Katie is not working, you will most likely find her outside hiking mountains, running on trails, or curled up under a tree with a good book.

Wellness Tip: Start every morning with a glass of water and a good full body stretch! Your glass of water will help rehydrate you after your body has spent the night recovering and a full body stretch will increase circulation and wake up the body in a nice and relaxing manner. This one-two punch will help you conquer your day the right way!

Catherine with her dog, Gryff.

Catherine Pluta, MSACN

Catherine graduated with a BA in Musical Theatre followed by receiving her Masters in Science and Applied Clinical Nutrition from New York Chiropractic College. She received her RYT 500 hour yoga instructor certification through Breathe yoga where she currently teaches Power Vinyasa, Basics, Foundations and meditation classes. Catherine is available as a nutritionist and wellness coach within UR Medicine Employee Wellness. She is an active member of the Pluta Cancer Center Junior Board. Catherine enjoys long distance running, golfing, enjoying time with her friends and family (especially her adorable niece and nephew!) and her dog, Gryff.

Wellness Tip: Listen to your body! Become so aware of the things your body is telling you and asking you for that you are able to respond by nourishing it properly with what it needs. If all else fails, drink water!

Erinn kayaking in the ocean.

Erinn Rist, BS, RN-BC

Erinn graduated with a Bachelors in Physical Education and a minor in exercise physiology from SUNY Brockport. It was her Wilderness First Responder class for Outward Bound that sparked her interest in emergency medicine and she went on to earn her Registered Nursing degree from MCC. She spent 7 years working in Burn/Trauma at Strong Memorial Hospital before joining the UR Medicine Employee Wellness team in 2020. When not working Erinn enjoys strength training, running, reading, being outdoors, hiking, whitewater kayaking and has a deep fondness for most board sports such as snowboarding, skateboarding, stand up paddle boarding and (recently!) wake surfing.

Wellness Tip: Health is adding intention to every aspect of your life. Be mindful of your habits, how you eat and exercise should provide joy, freedom and peace of mind. You have to nourish in order to flourish!

Samuel standing beside a small hiking tent.

Sam Salter, BS, RN, AEMT

Sam graduated with a BS in Recreation & Resource Management from the University of Montana. After more than 10 years as a US Park Ranger for the National Park Service performing emergency services on public lands, Sam moved to New York for his BS in Nursing from the University of Rochester. He worked as an emergency department nurse before pursuing his current career providing biometric screenings and wellness coaching for UR Medicine Employee Wellness.

Sam loves to travel, especially by foot and bicycle, and enjoys long distance bicycle tours and backpacking. Other favorite activies include skiing, cleaning, and running, as well as playing and listening to live music.

Wellness Tip: Get outside and do it! No matter what it is -- walking, biking, hiking, etc. -- you will feel better mentally and physically afterwards, I guarantee it!

Maureen sitting on a rocky cliff near the ocean.

Maureen Silber, RN

Maureen is a registered nurse at UR Medicine Employee Wellness and has worked in variety of healthcare settings over the years. She trends towards a whole foods, plant- based diet and is interested in exploring simple but tasty ways to prepare healthy meals.
Maureen enjoys running, biking, yoga and traveling and always has a book that she's reading that she wants to talk about!

Wellness tip: Invest in a few quality pieces of clothing and/or gear to keep you outside and active throughout the long winters and short summers of Rochester. “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing.” –Norwegian Quote

Natalie in the sun

Natalie Thompson, MS

Natalie is a nutrition and wellness coach with both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition and a certification in Plant-Based Nutrition. She practices nutrition at the intersection of human and environmental health, and encourages a mind-body-spirit approach to building sustainable dietary practices. Natalie makes wellness a part of her life by moving as often as possible, spending time outside and in nature, eating foods that nourish her body, sharing experiences with others, and finding time to be quiet and alone to restore her mind and spirit. When she is not offering nutritional guidance, Natalie can be found on (or off!) a trail in the woods, close to (or in!) water, on her bike, atop a mountain, or in her garden and kitchen preparing for the next feast.

Wellness tip: Listening to your body is a skill. Just like any other skill, it is something to practice. If you think you cannot hear what your body is telling you, continue to practice the art of listening: slow down, be kind to yourself, encourage your mind to focus on your body, and breathe; soon you will hear what your body needs. As you become skilled in the art of listening, your capacity for wellness will grow naturally.

Vestina wearing a bicycle helmet and sunglasses.

Vestina Turner, RN BSN, MSN

Tina graduated from Monroe Community College, and went on to receive her BSN and MSN in Nursing Education from Roberts Wesleyan College. With a background in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Tina came to work for UR Medicine’s Employee Wellness Program in 2017, performing biometric screenings and more recently, coaching clients one-on-one in the condition management program.
When Tina is not working, she enjoys a very robust hobby of making quilts, teaching others to quilt and finding other things to make on Pinterest! Tina enjoys biking on the many trails around, finding new trails to ride and also teaching the love of biking to others. Tina enjoys trying new workouts and has enjoyed boxing, body pump, barre, cardio kickboxing, zumba and weight lifting.

Wellness tip:Take time everyday to do something you absolutely love, that’s just for you and brings you joy. This is a way to fulfill yourself and fill yourself in order to be the best you to others when they need you.

Robin leaning towards daffodils that have not yet bloomed.

Robin Walpert, BFA, RN

Robin holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from R.I.T. and attended M.C.C. for nursing. Her previous professional focus centered on women’s health while working in post-surgical oncology and labor and delivery.
Robin is grateful for the calm and renewed sense of being that she receives from meditation, gardening and exploring the natural world.

Wellness tip:During the winter months I grow springs bulbs inside. It offers an opportunity to awaken the senses to the scent and beauty of spring and reminds me that there is growth and change even during our darkest months.