These engaging workshops provide opportunities for groups to learn ways to support not only their well-being, but their peers as well! Workshop requests must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the date requested.



On average, water makes up 60% of an adult's body weight. But what does hydration have to do with your health, and how much water do you really need to be drinking? Learn everything you need to know about adding H2O to your life.

Learn what you need to know about heart disease and how to reduce your chance of developing it. Discuss factors that put you at risk while focusing on the ones you can control. Learn how to interpret your “numbers” and understand your risk. Leave this workshop armed with info about how to keep your heart healthy and happy!

What you eat, how much you move, how well you sleep and the quality of your relationships are just a few of the major drivers of your overall health. Learn how the “little things” add up when it comes to your wellbeing, and the role mindfulness can play in keeping your own health and wellness at the forefront of your mind.

Self Care

Work-life balance means something different for everyone. Learn practical ways to create a balanced lifestyle that meets your work needs, family responsibility, and outside interests, and start managing the amount of stress in your life in a positive way.

This interactive workshop encourages participants to explore the concept of having meaningful goals, consider the role a sense of “purpose” plays in their lives, and gain an understanding of why they are driven to pursue certain goals. Workshop includes a brief meditation and activities to help participants explore their own motivation and purpose.

Self-Care is the act of purposeful daily or weekly scheduled activities, actions and behaviors that refill our emotional cup and revitalize our spirit. Identify your own selfcare needs and values and find ways to prioritize yourself.

Did you know laughter can actually help decrease your perception of stress? Explore laughter as a way to connect with yourself, your immediate environment, your pets, friends, family, and community, and start feeling the difference a life laced with laughter can make.

Everyone benefits from a good night’s sleep. Explore wind-down activities to support a quiet mind and healthy, restorative sleep.

Emotional Wellbeing

Stress affects your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Identify and understand your stressors and learn techniques for handling stressful events. This session will offer self-management strategies to literally "put down" the stress, resulting in more balance, stability and personal satisfaction.

Growing evidence supports the important link between a healthy gut and emotional well-being. Join us for this workshop where we discuss this connection and explore practices that promote gut health and emotional balance.

Explore and practice diaphragmatic breathing in this mindfulness-based workshop. Practice a variety of breathing techniques and discover the approach that works best for you. Your mind and nervous system will thank you! PLUS Envision Your Life: Harness the power of visualization to plan ahead for your wellbeing, dream up your perfect day, and discover what makes you feel revived.

Slow down, take a deep breath, and notice the world around you. An immersive experience that challenges you to connect with your surroundings and draw energy and peace from the natural world. *seasonal


Movement is key to keeping your body and mind healthy. Join us as we engage our bodies in purposeful movement as a way to restore and revive the body and mind.

Oh my aching back! Learn what you can do to prevent back injury. We will discuss how movement, exercise, environment and ergonomics contribute to a healthy back.

Bring awareness to your body andy quiet your mind with this 30- minute gentle yoga session followed by a 15-minute meditation. Facilitated by a certified yoga instructor.

Pricing: $250 per 45-minute Wellness Workshop

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